Friday, May 10, 2013

Flip by Term

I want to see if student attitudes about the flipped class changed from term to term, and they did, somewhat dramatically, actually.

Ratings by Term
12 Win 3.95
12 Spr 4.21
12 Sum 3.93
12 Fall 3.74
13 Win 4.54

Chart 1: Student ratings of the flipped classroom strategy by term

It's curious to me that students had lost some of their enthusiasm for flipping the class by Fall, 2012. I had sensed this uneasiness, especially in one class which was very large and somewhat contentious. I decided over the Christmas break that I needed to address some student concerns with the flipped class or to drop the idea. I chose to address the issues, and I think I did the right thing, as the students were much more positive about the flipped class technique in Winter, 2013.

I should look next at the students' feedback about the flipped class to see if I can isolate the issues that they were having, especially in Fall, 2012.