Sunday, August 18, 2013

Flipping Improves Learning

From the student point of view, the flipped classroom improves learning. A noticeable number of students (21/292, 7.2%) stated in a variety of ways that they learned well, even better, in the flipped composition class. I think that more of my students would support the enhanced learning enabled by flipped classrooms, but I have not provided any guidance on their feedback. I'm pleased that so many of my students are convinced that a classroom technique most of them had never before experienced made a difference in their learning.
  1. It helps us understand better, it's easier.
  2. the strong about the flipped classroom is that it helped me become a better writer... no weakness
  3. This was a great idea. I learned outside of class and inside the classroom.  
  4. It helped me a lot. keep it
  5. The flipped classroom has been a pleasure. I enjoy using the computers, and the technique of flipped classrooms. This has worked for me for sure.
  6. I like it because I get the concept either way online or in class! Prof. Hamon no matter how you teach it to us we always grasp the concept because you make it easy to understand 
  7. If all my classrooms could be like this, i would absloutley love it. i feel like i learn more this way, then sitting in a class listening to a teacher talk for almost two hours. Flipped classroom deff helps keep me concentrated and motivated to do my work. 
  8. I liked the flipped classroom. I like how by doing this in the classroom setting it left the classroom open to work on things we really need help with, I never left as if i was just home doing homework and I was lost, because most of the core work was done in the classroom 
  9. I enjoyed the flipped classroom. I do wish we had more time for class discussions, as I previously mentioned. Overall, I think the flipped classroom did help me improve my writing.
  10. Flipped class WORKS, Don't change it. LOVED IT.
  11. Flipped classroom to me is wonderful I feel that it helps students learn in a variety of ways. 
  12. I think for english being a flipped classroom is good!! I don't think it could work for every subject but with writing using the internet to explore and use all the techniques that we use in here are definitley helpful!
  13. I believe by looking outside the class for content and lectures to help the class gave me more insight and a fresh perspective to what needed to be done.
  14. The flip class it also helpful for me. Keep it
  15. In life I have come to realize that the more perspective that one has on any perticular topic has the potential to result in the presentation of more significant information. 
  16. very effective way to introduce students to online coures in class room.
  17. It worked well.  I really don't have any complaints about this at all.
  18. I enjoyed this experience. I actually learned more than other classes. I was able to retain alot more with this technique.
  19. The flipped classroom was a plus,it kept me learning.
  20. The Flipped class is the best part. I absolutley agree with the flipped class method because it actually makes me learn a few things or two outside of class. There is definitely no weak points about this and it it should be used in every class.
  21. I thought the Flipped Class was a plus because it help me to be a better reader and writer.
  22. helps me a lot.  keep it