Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Simply Preferring the Flipped Class

In some ways, I think I should talk about this group of student responses last. These students are willing to speak well of the flipped class, but they don't give many specifics. However, I'm covering the groups in order of the number of responses, and this is the third largest group of kudos for the flipped class (36/292, 12.3%).

While these students may not be clear about why they like the flipped class, they are clear about how they compare the flipped class to the traditional class, and the flipped class wins—at least for them. Many of them want their other classes to flip, and that speaks well of an instructional technique that most of them have never experienced before.
  1. It was strong because anything that can help people with the way they write it's awesome and most students in [this] University need that and i think you should keep it for next term.
  2. I think i would keep it. Because it is terrific, very convenient and helpful. I love it. I wish all teachers in this institution should Flipped their classes.
  3. To me, it's very good, i suggest that all english teachers to apply this method of teaching. It was amazing.
  4. I will keep it the way it is. I like the way you teach and your techniques. You don't have to change anything. This is one of the best class I had. Thank You very much!!!!
  5. it is a good technique to keep because it would be a lot better if we all can use it in a higher level of education.
  6. This was my first time being in a flipped classroom.  I enjoyed this method very much, and prefer teaching to be this way!  In other classes, when teachers are standing up there lecturing the whole time I tend to daydream.  I lose focus very easily.  With the flipped classroom, we are constantly on computers.  Technology is everything now-a-days.  When I would get done with my work for this class I could move on to any other work for other classes.  The flipped class allowed us to work independently, which I loved.
  7. I prefer the flipped Class versus conventional - don't change Professor Hamon
  8. I really enjoyed the environment of the flipped classroom. This was new to everyone! At first, I was nervous, because it was a brand new way of learning presented to me. I'm still used to 19th century teaching styles, but in my opinion, I would much rather work in a flipped classroom for English Composition.
Some students indicated an ease and comfort with the flipped class.
  1. I understood it
  2. it works good for us.
  3. It is better ,because we had such a small class. 
  4. Strong thing about the flipped class: Great method. Weak: NOTHING.
  5. the flipped work out for me well.
  6. Not sure about this one, but most things worked well for me in this class, so keep. :)
A few hinted at benefits to themselves.
  1. I felt less pressure with the flipped class, learning both in the classroom as well as outside the classroom broaden my thinking ability when it came to writing. 
Most of this group, however, took the easy way out and just liked it. I'm pleased about that, but I'm not sure why. I thought I had taught them that good writing depends upon specific details. I see that I will have to do better next term.
  1. I like the flipped class 
  2. I loved the ideas of a flipped class the only thing I would like to see changed is the need to drive to the school to take the class.  This could have easily been an online course
  3. I loved it all!  Do not change a thing!
  4. Awesome!!
  5. keep it
  6. I really liked this style
  7. ok
  8. I've spoken enough in previous classes about the flipped classroom. Change nothing.
  9. Just keep it the way that it is.
  10. i like it
  11. The flip was good
  12. it was really good.
  13. Everything is okay about flipped class. No weak spot about flipped class.
  14. This class  is the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. This is my first flipped class that i have ever took, and i love it. At first i was a little confused because i wasn't aware this was a flipped classroom but after starting to get used to it i love it and think its an awesome idea.
  16. Love your style of teaching!! Thats why i just changed to taking Eng lll with you today!
  17. I like the flipp class
  18. One word.... OUTSTANDING!
  19. Keep it as is.
  20. Although it was difficult for some, I think the flipped class was a good choice. I do not have any suggestions as to improve them.