Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Benefits of Technology in the Flipped Classroom

The benefits of technology within a flipped classroom did not receive as much mention as I thought it might. Fewer than 10% of my students (25/292, 8.6%) noted any benefits of using technology in the flipped composition class. I had thought technology would figure more prominently in their thoughts about the flipped classroom, but flexible work schedules and better learning were mentioned much more often. I think that shows how much smarter and more perceptive my students are than I. They know that the flipped class is not about the technology, but about the learning. They are spot on.

While in-class technology is not necessary for flipping a class, it certainly helps. The first two terms I used the flipped class I was in a regular classroom with a teacher's workstation but no student workstations. We managed, but my students noted that the situation was not optimal, and by the third term, I my students had persuaded me to persuade the scheduling folk to schedule my classes in the computer lab. It helped, and the students noticed.
  1. the flipped classroom was great because we learned the subject at home and let it marinate in our heads. then being in class, we can actually put it into work with fellow classmates, while having access to you for any and every questions. also i would suggest for you to request a classroom with computers just so we wouldn't have to separate from the class and you be in another room , not being able to walk us through right then and there.. a lot of people are more of a hands on [tactile] learner. to me would seem much easier and more comfortable learning experience with the computer lab.
  2. WAY BETTER! I like this way better because it gives you a chance to stay on top of your work especially if a student does not have their own computer.
  3. Last semester I wasnt really into the flip class thing but I have to admit it has helped me alot with my typing skills and being computer friendly. So I am going to say to keep it because it does help in many ways.
  4. Different, but I kind of like it. Beats [having] to prewrite everything of your essay. Or having to carry your own laptop everywhere you go.
    Several students seemed to appreciate having modern technology integrated so well into their class. They see a benefit in using technology day-to-day to sharpen their skills and to prepare them for life in the 21st century.
    1. it keeps us learning more about the pcs
    2. It helped me get to know the computer more and learn how to work google more since it is coming up.
    3. With todays technology introducing the flip class was wonderful. It allowed us to use todays technological advancement to better use our writing skills. I think many students will be apprehensive at first until truly understanding the expectation.
    4. It help but for me I'm a more hands on person so just telling me to do it and not showing me make it a little harder. but this help my computer skills when i first started the class i didn't know what this was but now I'm very much informed and can go on learning with a finished hand on computing.
    5. I think the flipped class should stay because in the future, not very far from now everything is going to be done online; so I think this is a good training for students to learn how to use online resources.
    6. Now, I am glad that I have experienced this pattern of class because it allows me to go forward through the world of computing. Also, I have learned severe applications that help me to improve my life as student, and I am sure that these applications I am still using them when I will complete my career.
    7. I think for english being a flipped classroom is good!! I don't think it could work for every subject but with writing using the internet to explore and use all the techniques that we use in here are definitely helpful!
    Then, students appreciated the affordances of technology, especially in terms of managing their complicated life schedules and getting their work done when they can:
    1. Yes please keep the flipped class sessions. It allows us to use the cloud services without needing to be at class (if we were sick or etc) but its a great way to communicate and work together.
    2. I think it took a bit to get used to it but I liked doing everything online, make for easy access, and I like keeping up/staying in tune with technology and this made me feel like I was.
    3. As mentioned before, the technology used in the flipped class is new to me but I think it is useful. With our busy schedule flipped classes can be a great tool
    4. It allowed students to be present even when they're are physically absent. It is a great tool because it favors all students.
    5. Flipped Classroom was absolutely convenient for me. It's is a great way to participate in the class when technically you're not in the classroom. It allows you to go online and do the work from your home while the teacher is helping you at the same time. This is great for when a person's ill or for any reason couldn't make it to class.
    6. Flipped class was convenient because it enabled students to participate and work together even when outside of class room, the downside is everybody working together at about the same time.
    7. Yes the flipped classroom was the most innovating method I have ever seen. For any reason if we couldn't make it at class, we still could catch up through computer with the whole class from home. The best thing ever.... 
    Finally, some students simply enjoy using computers and cloud services:
    1. The flipped classroom has been a pleasure. I enjoy using the computers, and the technique of flipped classrooms. This has worked for me for sure.
    2. It was different, but personally I would prefer most of the work to have been done in class and the internet things as a guide or reference. The google doc was the main thing that I really really enjoyed as it helped organize and keep track of papers without having to carry around a flash drive. But this is a writing class, so it is expected, of course, as we are writing our final online. It is definitely something to get used to and I would not be surprised if more courses or all will soon be the same in the early years to come.
    3. This is a must! I love not having to write papers with pencil anymore. It's so much easier on the computer. And being able to do work online is great.
    4. Perfect.  This was the first time I have seen the flipped class and I love it.  maybe because I like computers and have horrible handwriting so the computer takes care of all the worst parts of my writing and puts them on a level playing field with everyone else.  It even fixes my bad spelling!
    5. This is a must! I love not having to write papers with pencil anymore. It's so much easier on the computer. And being able to do work online is great. 
    A few students noted the environmental benefits of technology:
    1. i liked the flipped  class.  not so much as i didn't have to write anything down on paper.  this was good to be able to save paper.  All the work that i had to do was on the computer.  made it very easy to do.  the work was also to do at home
    2. I liked working on the computer a lot. It is also environmental friendly since we are not wasting paper and doing all of our work online. It also made learning fun for me because I was doing something new.
    I think that most of my students would agree with these sentiments, but they did not think to mention technology. Is technology possibly becoming an assumed part of higher education? I'll have to look more closely into this question.