Friday, October 18, 2013

Student Connections in the Flipped Class

I must say that I did not expect to learn that my students appreciated the connections to their fellow students in the more open classroom spaces afforded by a flipped class, though I'm not sure why I didn't. I suppose I just didn't think about it, but some of my students like connecting to their fellows enough to mention it as a benefit (14/292, 4.8%). As I read their comments, I have to think that this benefit is tied first to the opened space in a flipped classroom, a consequence that I've noted before: moving the lectures to the Net opens up the classroom for more activity and interactivity that proves beneficial to students in a number of ways. In particular, the heightened interactivity allows for the development of personal learning networks (PLNs), which is another big focus of my classes. I use lots of collaborative, peer groups in my classes, and I find ways to connect students over the Net. I can help students build successful PLNs in part because they have time in class to seed and cultivate. My students learn in class the value of peer reviews and peer editing. It improves their grades, and they like that.

  1. I liked the flipped class it was easy to work on papers and get my peers advice on how to write my paper during class.
  2. Our class was very small, so it was nice to have the other students to interact with too. I was able to meet and hear the comments of others that were not in my class without prejudice.
  3. The flipped class allows for more learning with the professor compared to others. It allows us to accomplish more work and feel more connected to everyone. 
  4. I think that the flipped class is very good. It lets you interact with other people that you don't know and share certain things with them. and have them comment on what's going on in your life that you blogged about.
  5. We didn't use it this term, but when we did, it was helpful to have more input from different students, not just those in class=))
  6. Keep this thing going on. It breaks the socially awkward barrier people build up so they can become more comfortable in their work environment. PLNs should be shared among your peers!
  7. i liked the flipped classroom because it gave me more one on one help from my peers and instructor.
  8. I like the class participation and conversation that took part during the class. We all shared ideas and bounced things off each other. I don't like to go home and write. It is hard to just say, "ok, I'm gonna do that Eng. assignment now". In reality,that rarely happens. It got my creative juices flowing.
  9. I personally liked the flipped class because it gave us a chance to interact with our peers in class and do the lectures at home.
  10. I loved the lecture videos and I enjoy having the class to write my paper and do research. I realized that the learning and information you provided in videos and a little in class were enough to help in my paper.
  11. very strong, assignments were done in class and helped us seek help between classmate work as team members with the teacher being present and available for help
  12. As students at university, we have to socialize to the world, this is what Google plus does. Connection with every other people being in your circle. We can share ideas, opinions everything via Google plus. It was awesome to use Google plus, I'd like to keep using it.
  13. Give you the opportunity to come prepared to your class, Even if you want to research about the theme before you get to the classroom flipped class give you the opportunity. That way the class can be more fun and the students can share knowledges.
  14. I found the entire flipped class to be highly effective. As I have previously mentioned it is a great way to learn from others.

Some, however, did not like the student-to-student collaboration. Especially early on, I had logistical problems with implementing some groups, and a few students believed that the groups did not work for them. And of course, some students simply work better alone, though most seem to benefit enough from group work to value it.
  1. In a flipped classroom Its kind of hard to do group work but Its worth it. But please make sure when you select a group for students make sure that their comfortable and not just one person doing the work.
  2. I liked the flipped class, because it allowed to have more time doing my homework or work.  I like doing things in class.  The one thing I did not like were the groups we were put in.  I feel you would get more production from individuals doing their own work.