Monday, October 21, 2013

The Flipped Classroom and Online Lectures

I'm finally reaching the point that most people begin with: online lectures. A small percentage of my students (13/292, 4.5%) mentioned online lectures.

First, students like online videos because they can watch them repeatedly until they understand the point. This was the most often mentioned benefit of online lectures.
  1. I liked that our lectures were on youtube so we could rewind and listen to them over if we needed to.
  2. I like the online lectures. I gives you the ability to re-wind if you missed something.
  3. Keep flip because it was we can always refer back to something through your videos even if you're not in class.
  4. I like the lecture being on line because you can listen to it more than one time if need be I like the way it was applied in the classroom it wasn't boring and it kept you on your toes.
  5. I loved the flipped classroom keep it. If I didn't understand something all I had to do was look you up on youtube, in a traditional class setting if I didn't get something I would be lost forever.
Some noted secondary benefits such as better note-taking, though I suspect this may be related to being able to rewind and watch again.
  1. I liked the online videos. Since I'm not a strong note taker, this helped me take really good notes.
Then, they appreciated that the lectures could be explained in class if they were not clear and that the lecture would be applied in class.
  1. I enjoy watching the lectures online and if I have a question we go over the lectures on class. 
  2. I may seem repetitive, but i have to continue to say that it is something that i cannot believe i have not seen before.  This form of teaching is absolutely genius.  I have no problem with receiving a lecture on my own and having to then apply what was discussed in the lecture inside the classroom with the teacher.  It allows the teacher to help me if i run into any kind of trouble.  This method is great and it works.
They liked that the online lectures were short, much shorter than typical classroom lectures. This chunking seemed to make the material easier to process.
  1. This was the first time I've ever had a teacher use this structure. I found it great. The videos were short which made them easier to remember. Additionally I was able to do much of my work in class, which gave me more time to study for other more difficult classes. This was great.
  2. The combination works perfectly for me. I enjoy doing work online but I definitely like face to face interaction with a professor. 
  3. I loved the lecture videos and I enjoy having the class to write my paper and do research. I realized that the learning and information you provided in videos and a little in class were enough to help in my paper.
Students appreciate watching the lectures on their own time, a point about the flexibility of scheduling and work flow that we have already noted.
  1. flipped class is great, it works well for me because i can do it at  my pace, and videos along with information are provided for me to watch/read on my own time. not feeling pressured by doing everything quickly as the days progress in class.
  2. I think you should keep flipped classrooms cause it is more easy going and it is not that much work as a regular classroom. it is actually better cause you can do all your work and projects in the class and get the help you need by the teacher rather then doing it at home. the other thing i like is that you do all your lectures at home rather then in the classroom. its way better.