Sunday, June 18, 2017

Post 04: Swarm Writing vs. Traditional Writing

My online friends and I have devised a new way of writing. It ain't your grandma's style of writing, but it is interesting. I call it swarm writing. Let me introduce you.

Back in 2015, my colleagues and I wrote an article called "Writing the Unreadable Untext" for Digital Pedagogy in which we described a group writing project that we stumbled into as we were trying to write an article about a massive open online course (MOOC) that we had all taken. My friend and teacher at The American University in Cairo Maha Bali and I started writing what became the Untext in October, 2014, and soon we had swarm of friends from all over the world writing with us:

  • Keith Hamon - Florida (at the time)
  • Maha Bali - Egypt
  • Rebecca Hogue - California, 
  • Kevin Hodgson - Massachusetts, 
  • Terry Elliot - Kentucky, 
  • Simon Ensor - France, 
  • Scott Johnson - Canada, 
  • Sandra Sinfield - England, 
  • Apostolos Koutropoulos - Massachusetts, and 
  • Sarah Honeychurch - Scotland
It was fun as you can see here. If you get through it, then you may question my competency to teach you anything about writing, especially formal, academic writing. Well, welcome to the rabbit hole, Alice.