Friday, August 16, 2013

Innovation and Novelty as Benefits of Flipped Class

A good number of students (35/292, 12%) like that the flipped classroom is new, innovative, and different, and they see that as a distinct advantage.
  1. It was unique and different
  2. Keep it! The purpose of school is to learn and advance not stay the same. The majority of students who complained are lazy it sounds mean but it is true. Keep pushing us to advance and become better students.
  3. It allow students to see learning a whole new way.
  4. It was a fresh breath of air
  5. I really enjoyed the environment of the flipped classroom. This was new to everyone! At first, I was nervous, because it was a brand new way of learning presented to me. I'm still used to 19th century teaching styles, but in my opinion, I would much rather work in a flipped classroom for English Composition.
  6. I think you are bringing a creative way of teaching. This method could help students who are not strong learners during class time. It may work for someone who likes to be home where its quiet, no distraction. Weak point, it depends on the student and what works for them. I enjoyed flip class.
  7. Different, but I kind of like it. Beats [having] to pre-write everything of your essay. Or having to carry your own laptop everywhere you go.
  8. Different techniques are useful. I am not too knowledgeable of the flipped class but to what was explained it sounds like a good interaction activity and a test to see who is really becoming familiar with the material in class, this assignment will challenge others to stay on top of their class duties.
  9. The flipped class was different for me. But I think it helped with my busy schedule.
  10. flipped classroom for me is a way to learn different thing which I liked
  11. I loved the flipped classroom it gave me a new and better experience.
  12. different way to the approach of a classroom. My report on a flipped class was very informative.
  13. Offering a flipped class to your college students brings about a way for your students to engage through a different aspect of learning new material for reading and writing.
  14. This concept is entirely new to me. I can't give an opinion one way or another of its strength or weakness.
  15. Flipped classes were new to me but I liked the way they worked. They allow some flexibility for students.
  16. This is helpful because I never would have known what a flipped class was. It is a experience that is need.
  17. Yes the flipped classroom was the most innovating method I have ever seen. For any reason if we couldn't make it at class, we still could catch up through computer with the whole class from home. The best thing ever....
  18. almost the best part of the class, this is my first time experiencing the flip class and I fell in love with it. gave class time more of a discussion then learning session
An innovative class is beneficial for maintaining student interest.
    1. I think it was a new experience and something good to keep the students interested .
    2. I liked seeing the other side so it was new for me in a good way and interesting as well/
    3. it is engaging, entertaining, and interesting. Everything was strong, in that this concept made every area of this class better and different. It was a refreshing way to learn. 
    4. The flipped class was one of the most interesting things I have seen this term. I think the concept is great. The only negative is sometimes there is so much content at once. Lectures, assignments, blog posting, etc.
    5. Having a flipped class was very different, I found it quite interesting. At first I was unsure, then I began to enjoy the way the writing techniques was being taught.
    6. I never experienced a class like this it was quite the learning experience, it was interesting navigating my way through the internet.
    7. This flipped class is different from any other English class. And its very interesting.
    For some students, the innovative class challenges students to do more and to do it differently.
    1. I like the flipped class it was fresh breather as to normal classes. A change in pace is nice. It made us step out of the box and that part I really liked. 
    2. Flipped class is very unconventional, and it was an enjoyment because we go through our school days with regular class which are not flipped, so the flipped class is like a new thinking process.
    3. The flipped class method is great. It is refreshing and new. Students expect to get the same old, same old from every teacher. Having a flipped class opens their eyes and allows them to open their minds and see that not every teacher is the same. There will always be one great professor that does the opposite, which is a blessing to me.
    4. Sometimes students need to think outside the box. So I say keep it.
    The flipped classroom can actually be fun for some students, and that's a nice change, especially for one who teaches courses that everyone is required to take and few want to take.
    1. I liked working on the computer a lot. It is also environmental friendly since we are not wasting paper and doing all of our work online. It also made learning fun for me because I was doing something new.
    2. I like the idea of it and how it is something different, something new, and creative. It made learning fun for a change.
    3. this class was new and interesting and fun because of everything on the computer as I said before I loved everything but the blog posts.
    I do not want to suggest that instructors should flip their classes for the novelty of doing so; still, we shouldn't ignore or be oblivious to the benefits of novelty and innovation for our students. To quote one of them: "It was a fresh breath of air." What's wrong with that?